5 tips for helping your internship search

Last Update 18 October 2011

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I’m the senior at the Cal Poly San Luis Obispo.  Like many elderly people, I spent the end of the year, stressing that we need to find an internship for the summer.  Fortunately, all my work was paid-I found an internship, and I learned some valuable lessons on hunting, which I would like to share with you …

1. Take off your Basic ‘Binders’.

Do not focus on internships solely in your field of study.  As a large business accounting business, I started looking for opportunities to work in the accounting firms, which was very limited.  When I finally took my account blind, I performed an apprenticeship at FindTheBest, where I worked on business development in education and auto-departments. Although the role was not linked to much, I worked with the CEO and took valuable lessons from his leadership skills; I also worked for teams, gained knowledge in the web analytics and developed new skills in sales and marketing. If I hadn’t discovered my search, I would never have had such an incredible experience of training …

Check for small organizations, startups and non-profits. These types of companies offer prospective trainees:.

  • The opportunity to explore more facets of the workplace.
  • a diverse set of skills that comes from interaction with different departments.
  • Impact on high-level managers and managers (like my experience in FindTheBest).
  • A full concert. (Smaller organizations and non-profit organizations are particularly selective about hiring. They are more likely to be the taller candidates, whom they know and trust, as proven interns.
  • 3. Show Prepared.

    Being prepared will impress your interviewer, so let’ s take a look at these tips:

  • Come with questions about the company.
  • Review the company’s basic products and services.
  • Dress properly (check the first post for some excellent clothing tips).
  • Show me 15 minutes early.Be prepared to talk about your interests and other interests-this shows the identity ..
  • 4. Recall your Munners.

    Write “thank you”! Your note must be 3-5 sentences:.
  • The first sentence should be unique or captured attention as a quotation.
  • The second sentence should include something memorable about you, or your discussion, which will be in memory of the interviewer, remember that your interviewer could meet with hundreds of candidates.
  • The fourth sentence should be something creative and insightful as an idea that you think will strengthen the company or department you are addressing …
  • In the fifth sentence, the interviewer should be thanked for his or her time.
  • You don’t give up when you don’t get a proposal. Remember, there are a lot of companies that would like to hire you as an intern!  Even if you don’t get the internship that you wanted, you keep looking-you can find a more person for you … and have one of the best years of your life!

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