Here are 22 startaps that are very useful for students

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You want to rent a textbook.

Ten years ago, you couldn’t do anything. Now you can-and that’s why the startups are amazing. At present, there are tons of people, difficult and innovative to help others do what they could not do before. People look at everyday things and ask the best possible question:

Many of these startups are incredibly useful for students, and today I want to show you the 22 coolies that I have come!

Many companies are trying to make textbooks more accessible, but.

The idea of Pac-Bak is a lot of steam and even.

Clusterflunk is a platform that allows you to connect to all classes, share notes and other files, and get help. It’s free, you can be anonymous, if you like, and grow.

This is an interesting idea, because investment did not hold a fixed interest rate-what it means is that it can never be a crushing burden. At present, most of the investment looks like people who want to start a business (

I want to learn more effectively, and.

StdyBlue also allows memorable reminders to be installed in the application to help make learning a lasting habit. As an additional bonus, you can synchronize your cards with Evernote to stay even more organized …

If you are interested in learning about Web development, developing or creating applications for iOS and Android.

I used the old house last year.

In my view, learning is a better learning experience. If you are interested in finding out what code is,

As you advance through projects and examine the code, you also earn icons that show your skills. You can also solve a lot of custom projects that are outside the main learning path, which gives you an opportunity to learn more.

The site has recently been introduced.

You want to take a Stanford Machine Learning course, but you’re not going to Stanford?

I used Coursera last year to take their incredibly popular.

You don’t get a degree in college, but you are.

You know, and I know, and the employers know-and.

Yeah, group projects suck. A very long time because one of the group members is useless, but I think another big problem is that these team projects are.

Remember that the “Jump Start” games for the PC? If you don’t, please don’t tell me, I’m feeling old. In general, these were games that taught you mathematics, science, art, history, and other subjects while you were going through missions. They made school stuff really fun, and any of you tubes.

It’s a learning game that.

Most of the alternative textbooks are only $20, and for that you get an e-book, instant text search, flash cards, and quiz. They also offer some.

After all, most of you probably want to find a kick after graduation-and an internship is a great (and often mandatory) first step.

The site allows you to search and apply for an internship based on the criteria you want-large and small companies, paid and unpaid, etc. They also offer.

My college schedule was crazy, and there was plenty.

While they add new features that make it possible to achieve progress in complex multistage plans (.

If you want to learn more about the Elevator or the science of habit formation, please check.

I’m a loser for achievements, badges and progress indicators-which is probably why I spent time chatting about them in the sections about the Academy of Codecadeus and Hana before. If I was a more gamer, I’d probably have an unhealthy addiction to Xbox’s achievements so …

Fortunately, this addiction has gone.

Like the Intergame,

With ColleeFeed, you create a profile similar to the LinkedIn profile (.

I said earlier.

Music is one of my biggest passions, and I almost always listen to something when I study or work. However, you probably know that not all music is good for learning-you must find specific things that will not distract you or disturb your concentration ..

Or you could just let the guys.

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Btw-if that’s not enood for you, check out.

“Let’ s get some pizza-all the chips in $5?”-“Sorry, man, I only got $20.” “I only have a card.” “Hey, I only have one dollar in cash, but I swear I’ll get you a dude …”… you get it. To separate the payments, in college, it’s really a routine matter, and it seems like no one has ever had the right amount.

When I was working at the tech center of my school, I and my coworkers were.

A couple of years ago, CampusFood merged with.

Since you’re probably in college, it might not be something you’re gonna use directly – but I still have to mention it because it’s.

All students must pay a fee of $10-$50 per class (not credit) and $100 fee for the exams (and they still offer scholarships). This is surprising, since it opened the possibility of obtaining a college degree.

Anything that can help students pay off student loans faster is what I want to cover, and I’m very excited about Austin.

In turn, companies that cooperate with the SLB will be able to offer a package of benefits that should attract smart, advanced students. In the end, the most intelligent students will be looking for the most effective way to pay off their debt, right? It’s another company I’ll be watching closely at …

This is my list, which other cool startup you know, which is good for students?

You want to make better grades?You found this article useful?

I’ll join us, and I’ll send you one too.

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